About Us

Bright Technology Training is WIOA Approved

WorkSource DeKalb (WSD) is actively sponsoring, through Bright Technologies Training Data Analytics Program for this special population.

Bright Technology Training is Microsoft Action pack Partner that provide IT Certification training that transition to technology jobs in SQL Development, SQL Analyst, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Cloud computing.

Bright Technology Training is committed to providing individuals the training needed to transition into high tech jobs in SQL Development, SQL Analyst, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Cloud computing as well as other areas in the computer industry.

Bright Technology Training will help meet the growing demand for technical professionals and assist individuals in reaching their technical career goals. In keeping with our mission and purpose, Bright Technologies Training strives to achieve these goals:

We offer the following programs: SQL Database Development ,Implementing an Azure Data Solution and Data Analytics certificate to fill the skill-gap in the job market.

Training Options

Scheduled Training

Scheduled training courses are advertised on our website, and typically take place in north of Atlanta, Ga. Places are open to the public. There are never more than 6 people on our scheduled course.

Virtual Classroom Training

Immerse yourself in real-time, instructor-led virtual courses, designed for engagement. Led by MCT expert instructors, these hands-on classes run from 9 AM to 9:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday. Connect with your instructor and classmates through live web conferences.

Tailored Training

his is a customized training courses for private and businesses around the United State of America. These courses usually run at the client’s site, although we can host them in one of our training venues. For a tailored course a client can choose the topics, dates, times, venue and duration for the course.

Our only stipulation is that we won’t train more than 8 people at a time, as the quality of the training would inevitably suffer otherwise.